not just a theory . com

I thought that evolution was just a theory? I mean, that's why it's called the theory of evolution, right? Once they prove it, then it'll be a law.

The purpose of this site is to clear up this little misconception. Not the one you think I mean. Theories don't get proven and then become laws. That's the misconception that a lot of people have.

That can't be right. A theory is a guess or conjecture, isn't it?

That's how the word is used in general, yes. But in science, the word theory has a completely different meaning.

What does it mean then?

Simply, the word theory refers to the current explanation for some natural phenomenon. Not a guess as to how we think it works, but a scientifically tested and verified explanation.

So when does a theory become a law?

It doesn't. Theories encompass laws. A theory may provide an explanation for many laws.

But lots of people say that evolution is just a theory. Are they all wrong?

They are wrong in the sense that they are trying to argue that evolution is not real by exploiting the multiple meanings of the word theory. If they are supposed to be knowledgable in this area, then they are doing it deliberately and disingenuously. If they want to argue against evolution, they shouldn't have to resort to what is essentially an untruth.

Why should I believe you?

It's not a question of belief. I'm trying to explain that the word theory doesn't mean what some people think it means. You can look it up in any dictionary.

So has evolution been proven then?

The Theory of Evolution has over 150 years of actual, scientifically tested and verified supportive evidence. In science, things don't get proven, they get supported.

Why'd you make this site?

To try and help clear up the misconception of the meaning of the word theory, and the mistaken argument that claiming that "evolution is just a theory" is somehow valid.

This site supports the theory of evolution, although google may choose to display ads here that don't.